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  • Hormone Replacement


    Hormone Therapy

    Hormone Replacement

    As we age, certain hormonal systems start to become unbalanced & hormone replacement could help. These imbalances affect hormones such as:

    • Cortisol and DHEA.
    • Sex Hormones including: Estrogen, Progesterone, Testosterone, DHT and other hormonal precursors.
    • The Thyroid, Etc

    Hormone Replacement therapy can restore the hormone levels to their normal levels and allow the body to function optimally.


    Our Doctors will conduct a thorough medical examination followed by targeted comprehensive testing.

    The results will enable Our Doctors to formulate an individualized replacement regimen aimed at correcting hormonal and nutritional deficiencies.


    Our approach is holistic and natural.

    For a complementary consultation to discuss solutions to achieve excellent health and looks, call us today on 92333399 today or book an appointment online .


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