45-49 Health Check

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Free health assessments for 45 to 49 year olds

If you are aged between 45 to 49 years and eligible for Medicare then it is now time to examine your current state of health. This is the time to prevent illness rather than treat it. We are dedicated to providing our community with the best quality medical care and therefore offer a free assessment for people in this age group.

The health assessment is a comprehensive check to determine your current state of health as well as to identify any risk factors for conditions such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease or certain cancers.

The assessment includes a check of your physical and mental health, finding out about your 
physical activity level, as well as nutrition, and a skin check to identify any moles or freckles which may have changed or be unusual looking. Your doctor may also suggest a blood test to check for things such as your cholesterol levels. You will also be given a short questionnaire to determine if you are at risk of Type 2 diabetes. Your doctor will go through this with you once completed.

This check also gives you the opportunity to ask your doctor any questions and discuss any issues of concern you may have about your health. To ensure your check is thorough you will spend 60 minutes with the nurse and a further 15 minutes with the Doctor during this assessment.

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