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How Adrenal Fatigue Can Ruin Your Life- By Dr Dobie

How Adrenal Fatigue Can Ruin Your Life- By Dr Dobie

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Is it true that you feel tired and drained constantly? Feel drowsy in the day yet find it difficult to sleep in the evening? Are you so stressed that you even fail to think properly? Cranky, depressed, wiped out constantly? Suffer from chronic pain, dizziness and weakness of muscles? Could it be Adrenal Fatigue


If your answer is yes, then you should also know that these are only a few primary symptoms of adrenal fatigue.


Some experts even say that more than 70% people suffer from adrenal exhaustion at some point in their life. When your adrenal organs become exhausted, then they simply fail to carry out their work properly and any extra stress can have severe adverse effects on you, leading to weakness and different symptoms.


The role of adrenal organs is to act like ‘shock absorbers’ of the human body by simply aiding it to manage different types of stress. However, when you’re feeling stressed constantly, your adrenals become tired and exhausted. This condition is usually referred as adrenal fatigue. When these organs can’t produce enough cortisol, it leads to dip in energy during the day that makes you feel drowsy, and energy levels spike during the evening that disturbs your sleep.


  • There Are Two Types Of Adrenal Fatigue


When a person engages in activities that require physical exertion, then it leads to physical exhaustion. In some cases, people strive too hard and fatigue comes as a natural slowdown. By getting proper rest and healthy diet, we consequently plan a recovery period.


The human body goes through a recovery period for 1 to 2 days after the adrenal pumping activity is completed. In this period we usually feel tired, listless and less able to react to stress. Despite the fact that our muscles might be sore and somewhat tired for a couple of days, we are generally revived physically by this sort of activity with a re-established energy level.


The most unwelcomed or unplanned type of exhaustion is caused by stress, which generally appears due to emotions and thoughts of a person instead of a particular circumstance. Everybody has their own level of stress that they can manage.


One individual encounters stress after losing a job and ends up with lot of stress. While someone else might take the misfortune in a better manner, and can even view it positively. The individual who permits high points and low points of life to influence them negatively will face emotional stress & anxiety, and if it continues, then they will encounter adverse physical and emotional consequences.


Adrenal fatigue can ruin your life by damaging your emotional and physical wellbeing. You need to stand against the fatigue problem strongly and improve the health of your adrenals. It’s all about how you respond to adrenal exhaustion problem. Improve your lifestyle, eating habits, and consult an expert doctor to regain the energy you have lost.

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