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    Anti Ageing lifestyles - YOGA

    Anti Ageing lifestyles – YOGA

    Anti-Ageing Lifestyle

    Recent research from Harvard School of Public Health has shown that anti-ageing lifestyle can add 24.6 more years of productive lifespan.

    The most important predictors of excellent health are;

    • absence of chronic illness
    • no smoking
    • drinking alcohol in moderation
    • maintain a positive outlook
    • managing stress levels

    At The Beauty Clinic we work as a dedicated team advising and helping people to stay healthy, active and vital well into the older years.

    Call us to book an appointment with Dr Bitlan  and we will help you to implement lifelong habits for healthy living.

    Dr Daniela Bitlan specializes in health care, anti-ageing and regenerative medicine specifically covering:

    1. The reversal of chronic diseases: obesity, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, fatty liver
    2. Detoxification of the various excretory organs: gut, liver, kidney, skin
    3. Reversal of oxidative damage
    4. Intracellular nutrition
    5. Hormone supplementation
    6. Brain wellness
    7. Mitochondrial support

    These programs are based on comprehensive before, during and after testing with the aim of achieving “optimal” parameters.


    Dr Bitlan is dedicated to the practice of anti aging medicine which aims to both extend lifespan as well as prolong health-span –the length of time that we are able to live productively and independently.

    The means whereby such a goal is accomplished involve:

    • Lifestyle and genetic evaluation
    • Diet, exercise and nutritional intervention
    • Stress Management Programs
    • Detoxification Programs
    • Hormone, Vitamin & Minerals replacement

    Dr Bitlan is undergoing a fellowship with the American Academy of Anti aging Medicine which is the leading international training organisation in the emerging field of functional and anti-aging medicine.

    Our practice is ideally placed to combine functional and aesthetic medicine .


    For a complementary consultation to discuss solutions to achieve excellent health and looks, call us today on 92333399 to book an appointment or book online.


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