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    How long ago did you have an examination and a clean by a dentist (or dentist and hygienist)?*

    How long ago did you have xray images taken of your teeth?*

    3. When was the last time you had any of the following dental treatment: fillings, extractions, root canal treatment or periodontal treatment?*

    4. Do you suffer from high blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, anxiety or autoimmune diseases?*

    5. Are you currently on any medication?*

    6. Do you smoke (social smoking included)?*

    7. Do you drink alcohol?*

    8. Do you suffer from sleep disturbances (sleep apnoea, snoring or insomnia)?*

    9. Do you suffer from chronic back pain, neck pain or headaches?*

    10. How often do you brush your teeth per day?*

    11. How often do you floss your teeth?*

    12. Do your gums bleed when you brush or floss your teeth?*

    13. Do your teeth ever get sensitive to hot and cold?*

    14. Do you currently suffer from any of the following: dry mouth, tooth or muscle pain, bad taste or smell in your mouth, loose teeth, broken teeth or missing fillings?*

     a. No b. Yes

    15. How many meals and snacks do you consume per day (on average)?*

     a. 2-3 b. 3-6 c. 6+

    16. How many times per day (on average) do you consume any of the following: fruit juice, soft drinks, electrolyte drinks, ‘smart water’, energy drinks, sparkling mineral water, sweetened coffee or sweetened tea?*

     a. Very rarely b. 1 c. 2+

    17. How many times per day (on average) do you consume fruit, sweets, confectionery, glucose pastes or chewable vitamin C?*

     a. Very rarely b. 1 c. 2+

    18. Do you exercise, play sport or train for sport events regularly?*

    19. Do you wear a mouthguard when playing contact sport? (if you don't play contact sport, you can skip this question")