Preventative Health Checks

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Looking after your health at all ages

Over time we all become more vulnerable to illnesses. In order to reduce risk and catch warning signs early, we recommend having the following regular health checks:

  • Heart disease risk assessment every 2 years
  • Blood pressure check every 2 years
  • Cholesterol and lipids check every 5 years
  • Blood glucose test every 3 years
  • Mammogram every 2 years (women)
  • Skin cancer checks
  • Cervical screening test every 5 years (women)
  • Bowel cancer check every 2 years
  • Osteoporosis risk assessment every year
  • Flu vaccination every year (over 65)
  • Dental check-up every year
  • Falls assessment (over 65)
  • Hearing test every year (over 65)
  • Eye test every 2 years, and every year on reaching age 65

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