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Panic seems completely reasonable, it is not helpful. Here are some steps to reduce it today.

Do you feel like your world has been spun on its head?

Right now, everything feels uncertain. It’s normal to fear the unknown and the unprecedented. On one level the Australian public’s reaction seems reasonable – complete panic! 2 weeks ago who would have imagined people would be getting physical over toilet paper.

But without doubt the best advice I can give is to not panic. It’s not helpful. As Professor Sharon Lewin, Director of The Peter Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity points out “We’re in a country that has incredible resources and an incredible healthcare system. No doubt our lives will be different and everyday will throw up new challenges. To deal with this here’s what I sugges.t

 Don’t fixate on the media.

Constant media coverage about COVID-19 and the unfolding events can keep us in a heightened state of anxiety. Try to limit related media exposure and instead seek out information from reliable sources such as the Australian Government’s health alert or other trusted organisations such as the World Health Organization.

Keep things in perspective.

When we are stressed, it is easy to see things as worse than they really are. Rather than imagining the worst-case scenario and worrying about it, ask yourself: • Am I getting ahead of myself, assuming something bad will happen when I really don’t know the outcome? Am I overestimating how bad the consequences will be? Remember, illness due to COVID-19 infection is usually mild and most people recover without needing specialised treatment. • Am I underestimating my ability to cope? Sometimes thinking about times in the past when you overcame challenges’ can help put things into perspective and remind you of your inner strength and resources.

Practise gratitude:

Try not languish in what was and what might be. Focus on the here and now and use this time to stop and reflect on the things you can be grateful for. This simple turning of the mind can make your world look a whole lot better in an instant.

 Practise self-care to help encourage a positive frame of mind, it is important to look after yourself.  Everybody practises self-care differently. Here are some ideas:

You will be spending allot more time at home and indoors. Try ensure you set up a daily structure and routines e.g. go for a walk and shower at the same time everyday. Be seated at your ‘home office’ desk at the same time each day. Meditate in the same spot and at the same time everyday etc. Routine helps create a rhythm and will give you a sense of control.

Stay Connected

Make sure you stay connected with friends and family and take the time to communicate ‘in person’ i.e. on the phone or via Skype or Zoom. Don’t just text! Use this time to deepen your connections and don’t be afraid to share how you really feel because you are not alone.

•Ensure you drum up some positive affect as often as you can daily. Whether its music that gets you going turn or cuddling your dog, make sure you take the time to luxuriate in those moments and really immerse yourself in the experience. It’s a simple and powerful mindfulness technique to lift your mood and fill the space positively – even if only for a moment.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle by eating a balanced diet, getting fresh air, exercising and, getting quality sleep.

• If you feel that the stress or anxiety you experience as a result of COVID-19 or other issues in your life is impacting your wellbeing I am available to provide counselling via Zoom or phone. The appointments and billing for online or phone counselling sessions work in much the same way as face to face counselling. The appointments are booked ahead of time and are like a typical in-person consultation

Once you have booked (if it’s a face to face session via zoom) you will receive a meeting link. Shortly before your appointment time, simply click the meeting link, and it will open in any web browser, or via the zoom app on your smart phone.

If you would like any more information about this service or wish to book please feel free to give us a call on 02 92333399 or you can  book online

If you’d like to drop me a line please don’t hesitate to email me directly

Looking forward to ‘seeing’ and in the meanwhile please look after yourself.

Best wishes, Sherisse

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