The HGC Diet with Dr Bitlan

The HGC Diet with Dr Bitlan

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  • Understand your metabolism and behaviour traits
  • Lose excess fat
  • Reach and maintain a healthy weight
  • Get the most benefit from physical activity and exercise
  • Optimize the nutritional balance of your diet

How would you feel to lose 6 to 8 kilograms in the next month? To fit in the clothes you always wanted to wear? To feel confident and full of energy?

Diet4Shape Clinic has a simple and effective program which will help you achieve the above goals.

As winter is going by fast and summer is just around the corner, this is the best time of the year to join and complete our comprehensive program of weight loss, exercise and nutrition.

After reviewing the results of over 300 D4Shape treatments, here arethe top 5 strategies to maximize success:

  1. Prepare and get organised: we now provide a form that can help people plan a weekly menu and shop accordingly.
  2. Understand the program and approach it with calm and courage. Do not expect a linear weight loss. Depending on the condition of your body you may lose weight immediately or not, you may plateau for a few days. Do not despair, at the end of their chosen duration of the diet, 90% of patients achieve the target weight loss.
  3. Do not skip the supplements as they are specially designed to enhance the fat loss and provide the body with means of eliminating it. They also allow the body to stay nutritionally balanced so you feel strong and energized.
  4. Prepare for the transition to normal eating. We now insist to see patients at the end of the 500 calories stage of the program and advise them how to approach the next stage. The stabilization stage of the program is at least as important as the fat loss stage.
  5. Use this program as an opportunity to evaluate and change your lifestyle. One of my best rewards as a practitioner is to see people at the end of the program: people that have fought unsuccessfully to lose weight walk in, looking much slimmer, healthier and happier. Moreover, when I test them I can see a major improvement in their biochemistry.

Losing weight helps people change the direction of their life journey: instead of walking towards disease, more disease and medication they turn around and walk towards health and happiness.

A major change in our program is the integration of exercise.  As opposed to Dr Simeon’s original HCG weight loss program, I lifted the ban on exercise during the program.

We now have an association with La Vanda Elite Centre for Physical Excellence. Ken La Vanda is an amazing personal trainer with great credentials.  I work closely with Ken and his team to help people introduce exercise in their life and prevent injury. Ken specializes in designing exercises programs that suit even the time poor people, people with injuries and people that travel a lot.


I now advise people to have a comprehensive biomechanical assessment with Ken: he measures the exact fat content, the cardio-pulmonary performance as well as your ability to exercise. He identifies the areas of need and designs a personalised corrective and rehabilitation program.

This program can be performed during the fat loss stage and prepares people for optimal exercise at the end of it. The La Vanda Program can be done at home or at your own gym. If necessary one of La Vanda trainers can provide personal training. Exercise and physical fitness is essential for health, anti-ageing and maintaining the fat loss.

Another point of departure from the original Dr Simeon’s HCG program is allowing people to mix vegetables from the allowable list.

After reviewing the medical literature and conducting my own studies I could not find evidence that sticking to only one type of vegetables /meal has any benefit.

People that have mixed vegetables have lost weight at the same rate and I believe it to be a much easier way of completing the program.

The Farmer’s Markets throughout the city are full of great vegetables coming into season to help you lose weight and eat healthily!!!

Stay tuned for our next Newsletter. I will cover:

  • DNA testing as a predictor for obesity.
  • Latest findings about supplements that enhance the weight loss and appetite control.
  • PACE style of exercise: the best way of training your body.
  • Hormonal balancing after weight loss.

I would be very grateful for your feedback and suggestions to improve our program as well as your testimonials which you can email to:

I and my team we are delighted to help you on your path to optimal wellness.

Dr Daniela Bitlan