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    Dr Karina Lim

    Family Medicine, Child Health, and Women’s Health

    BMedSci, MBBS (Hons), DCH, FRACGP

    Dr Karina Lim graduated from the University of Sydney with Honours and gained her Fellowship with the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (FRACGP) in 2008. After working in a small family practice on the Central Coast for 10 years, Dr Karina Lim moved to Sydney to be closer to family.

    Dr Karina Lim obtained a Diploma in Child Health in 2006, and has a special interest in Family Medicine, Child Health, and Women’s Health. She is certified in Implanon insertion/removal, IUD insertion/removal, and provides Antenatal Shared Care.

    Dr Lim is an avid rock climber. Rock-climbing takes preparation – it is much the same as being a GP. You need to put all your training into practice and prepare for the unexpected during your journey.

    Patient relationships are at the core of what Karina does and her approach to general practice, from birth to death, and in sickness and in health, she is there to be a trusted confidante to her patients.

    Karina believes that being a GP requires more than textbook knowledge or clinical experience – it needs a certain intuition that can only be developed from life outside the four walls of a consulting room.

    Dr Karina Lim is dedicated to shaping the next generation of GPs and is involved in the selection of junior doctors into the GP training program, teaching and examining GP registrars, and improving the quality of primary healthcare as a practice accreditation surveyor.

    When Dr Karina Lim is not working, she is either running after her 3 children, rock climbing or writing for her blog Stethoscopes & Little Folks.

    Do you have heavy menstrual bleeding? Ask Dr Lim.  Dr  Lim was asked to be apart of an information pack to give to GPs around the clinical care standard for Heavy Menstrual Bleeding and is the perfect person for you to talk to.

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