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    Integrative medicine

    Integrative medicine is a term that refers to the integration of conventional western medicine with more naturopathic approaches such as herbal medicine and the use of nutritional supplements.

    Integrative medicine makes use of the best available evidence of both approaches to healing. One of its important characteristics is that it considers the mind-body-spirit connection within the patient and regards the patient as a whole.

    Integrative medicine is based on a physician-patient partnership in which both conventional and complementary modalities are used to stimulate the body’s natural healing potential.

    It is commonly said that Integrative Medicine combines the best of conventional and evidence-based complementary medicine to optimise the body’s natural healing mechanisms:

    • Do you feel well and happy?
    • Is your digestive system working well?
    • Are you having restful and refreshing sleep?
    • Are you thinking clearly and are you mentally alert and focused?

    If you can’t respond with positive gusto to most of these questions or if you have a chronic health condition, you may beefit from seeing one of our Integrative General Practitioners.

    Complementing and enhancing conventional medicine

    Integrative Medicine does not replace conventional medicine, rather, it complements and enhances it. It is particularly helpful in diagnosing and treating chronic illnesses including:

    • stress and adrenal fatigue
    • poor gut health and digestion problems
    • men’s health
    • women’s health
    • metabolic syndrome
    • thyroid and other hormone imbalance
    • migraines
    • chronic illnesses such as asthma, arthritis,
      diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol,
      eczema, osteoporosis and obesity
    • nutritional imbalances and deficiencies
    • weight management
    • supporting medical treatments such as for cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular and endocrine conditions, chelation (for heavy metals ie dental amalgam removal).

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