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    Payments, charges and rebates

    You’ll find information about our fee structure below, but please note that this is a guideline. We recommend visiting our practice for a consultation so that we can provide a more accurate quote. Call on (02) 9233 3399 to arrange an appointment or book online. Short notice cancellation fee is $90. We can SMS you to remind you if you request us to.


    Payment types

    Generally, payment is required at time of treatment; we accept cash and EFTPOS (including Debit cards, MasterCard® and Visa). Please note: We don’t accept cheques.


    Payment plans

    Payment plans are available to all of our dental patients so oral health care can be a part of your family budget.



    Yes. We use HICAPS automated claiming system, so that you can claim your rebate on the spot from most health funds. However, occasionally you may be asked to submit your health fund claim online, by mail or in person. Please be aware that we take no responsibility for your health fund rebates. Any issues must be taken up directly with your health fund.



    We review all our professional fees annually and any increases usually take place on 1 July each year. Please note: The cost of laboratory tests, vaccines and other third-party costs that are not under our control may increase at any time and without notice.



    If you’re eligible for Medicare, we can process your rebate claim on the spot. All you have to pay is the GAP payment.


    GP appointments

    The cost of your appointment will depend on the amount of time spent with the GP . If the time required to discuss your medical issues is longer than a standard appointment a long consult will be charged. All prices include GST.


    Standard/Short consultation:               $90      (Medicare rebate $37.05)  GAP Payment is only $52.95

    Long consultation:                      $160-180    (Medicare rebate $71.70)  GAP Payment is only $83.30-108.30

    Please note: Anti-aging and Hormone consults are $220-260

    Extended consultation:               $215-260 (Medicare rebate $105.50) GAP Payment is only $109.50-154.50


    PAP smear:                                   $100-160         (Medicare  $71.70) GAP Payment is only $28.30-88.30

    Iron infusion:                               $180               (Medicare rebate $71.70)  GAP Payment is only $108.30 + Treatment room Fee of $35


    Health Plan:                                  $130-260          (Medicare rebate $71.70 – $91.70) GAP Payment is only $14.45 – 68.30

    Care plan:                                   No charge              Full Medicare rebate


    Allied Services appointments

    If you’d like to see one of our Allied Services  providers at Sydney Doctors, the prices and fees are as follows: All prices include GST.



    Initial consultation:                  60 min                   $135                Private Rebate available

    Follow-up session:                    30 min                   $96                 Private Rebate available




    Initial consultation:                 60 min                  $110

    Follow-up session:                   30 min                  $75

    Please note: if referred by a GP under a Chronic Disease Management care plan, patients may be entitled to 5 visits and receive a Medicare rebate of $52.95 per session x 5.


    Comprehensive Check-up:                               $100               Private Rebate available

    Check-up with X-rays:                                       $160               Private Rebate available

    Short Consult:                                                      $60               Private Rebate available

    Clean with the Hygienist:                                  $200               Private Rebate available

    You can check out the full range of dental treatment charges on The Dentist website.



    Initial consultation:                                        60 min                    $180-220

    Follow-up session:                                          60 min                    $180-220

    Please note: if referred by a GP under a Mental Health Care plan, patients may be entitled to up to 10 sessions and receive a Medicare rebate of $84.80 per session x 10.


    Special promotions

    Yes, we run seasonal allied and cosmetic health promotions offering services at reduced rates. Speak to our reception team for more details.


    Corporate Clients

    If you’re a corporate client, you must organise authorisation for payment prior to your appointment. Any costs not covered by your company will be charged to you individually.


    Want to book an appointment?

    You can make an appointment at Sydney Doctors at 70 Pitt Street by calling us in Sydney on (02) 9233 3399 or book online.